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Are you running sales to your list with low conversions?
Are you constantly pushing your product but no one seems to care?
Is your engagement going down ?
These are all tell-tale signs that you are burning through your email list.
Most agencies will run sales as quickly as possible to get you money through the door.
While this might work in the short term, all it does in the long term is devalue your brand and leave you with a dead, wrung-out list that will never want to open another email from you again.
Over time, you start to lose one of the most valuable assets your business can own: a warm, engaged, and responsive email list.Sending content that speaks to your target audience instead of spammy sales emails will nurture your audience into warm paying customers that are ready to buy at a moment's notice.Help us help you. Book a commitment-free call below and one of our copywriters will talk to you about your business and see if we can help you.

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